First Grader with Rare Lung Disease gets Service Dog

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Getting a new dog is exciting for any kid, but for 7-year-old Logan Kirk, he's been waiting for this special dog his whole life.

"He's going to help me carry my oxygen and pull my wheelchair," said First Grader, Logan Kirk.

Logan was born premature at just 28 weeks and has suffered from lung problems ever since. At three years old, doctors diagnosed Logan with Childhood Interstitial Lung Disease, an umbrella term for more than 50 conditions. But which one Logan has, no one knows.

"Logan doesn't have one of the 50, but they're not really sure so we don't really have a good prognosis," said Logan's Mom, Melanie Kirk.

Now, a backpack carrying Logan's oxygen tank is taking a strain on his health, but his new serice dog, Vernon, is ready to take some of the weight off his shoulders. With the help of expert dog trainer Russ Dillon, the Kirk family will now have an extra set of paws to help Logan live a normal life.

"Logan can't go for long distances carrying the oxygen tanks, so Vernon is going to do those tasks for him," said Dillon.

Vernon is rescue dog that Dillon said needed Logan just as much as Logan needed him. While the future is still unclear for Logan, he's just happy to have a mobile oxygen tank with a wagging tail.