First News Nebraska Back To School Shopping Challenge

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The First News Nebraska team took part in a shopping challenge to get back to school supplies. Find out how gets the most for less.

Brad Anderson, Torin Otis and Melanie Bloom took a shopping challenge to get some of the most common back to supplies. The list had 12 items on it and they walked the aisles of Target to complete the challenge.

At checkout, Brad had a total of more than $12.

Torin's total was $8.01.

Melanie's total came to $0.00 at checkout.

She was able to use coupons from Target's website to get all of her items for free. She brought four coupons that were valid on any 3 Up and Up items that would save $1.50.

The coupons are no longer available. But you can print other coupons that will get you free or almost free items.

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