First Full Day for Nebraska Girl Scouts to Sell Cookies

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Eight year old Arianna Dillingham takes her stacks of Girl Scout cookie boxes on the road with her. “I’m learning a lot,” said the Lincoln Girl Scout.

She continues the eighty-five year history of Girl Scouts selling cookies to raise money.

“Are you interested in buying any cookies?,” she asks in a neighborhood doorstep. With those words she continues to tradition stat started in 1917.

With no school on Saturday, it’s the first full day for Girl Scouts to hit the streets and sell. This year for the first time in Nebraska there's no waiting weeks to receive the cookies.. call it instant cookie-fication.

“Girls can sell more cookies when they have the cookies with them and for the consumer it's a win because that 4-6 weeks that you had to wait for cookies-no more. The cookies will be there right away," said Theresa Cassaday, the Girl Scouts Chief Communications Officer.

A plethora of peanut butter patties, a cavalcade of caramel delights, thousands of thin mints and a slew of shortbreads are stacked up--waiting for immediate delivery. “It's a beloved tradition and our number one fundraiser every year," said Cassaday.

It's a fundraiser that helps keep the Girl Scouts camps, leadership and business programs alive.
“I’m learning about respect, business and money,” said Arianna.

“Some powerful women who are running fortune 500 companies, a lot of women in Congress, some performers, Sheryl Crow was a Girl Scout. So a lot of women got their start selling Girl Scout cookies," added Cassaday.

It's an experience that Arianna hopes will bring the same, sweet success.