Fischer Tours Nebraska in Final Push Before Election

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It's a battle for your vote. Republican Senate candidate Deb Fischer hit the road for a two-day state tour to sway the undecided and remind her supporters to get out on election day.

Fischer's tour will hit 12 Nebraska cities.

She's not going alone either. In a powerful show of support all of Nebraska's elected federal officials joined her, including Senator Mike Johanns, Governor Dave Heineman, along with Representatives Lee Terry, Jeff Fortenberry and Adrian Smith.

Senator Johanns wanted to make sure voters know the differences between Fischer and Bob Kerrey.

Johanns said, "I'm here because Deb is going to be an outstanding Senator. She's right on the issues. if you compare the 2 candidates, Deb is right on the issues. Kerrey opposed a balanced budget amendment, Deb is going to support that. Kerrey said Obamacare didn't go far enough, Deb opposes government run healthcare. Literally you can tick down through the issues in every way Deb is exactly the person that will represent Nebraska well."

While Fischer added, "Johanns really laid out the choice in this election clearly. He said he needs my help in Washington if we are going to make a change."

Fischer also said, "We are just getting out the vote, talking to volunteers and thanking them for what they've done. Encouraging them to keep working."

Senator John McCain will join the Nebraska delegation in Omaha Friday. As sign that this race is heating up nationally as well as both sides line up their heavy hitters.