Flight Prices Expected to Rise in 2013

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Richard Bobrowski flew in to Lincoln on Wednesday from Winnipeg-Manitoba, Canada. He paid $700 to fly here and back.

"It wasn't bad because I booked it in advance," he said. "I had about four weeks to book it. Most of the time, I travel within a two-week period. It's usually $1,100 to $1,200."

But several others disagree, saying $700 for a round trip is a little too high.

"I do travel a lot, and for the length of the flight, it's obviously ridiculous," said one man, who traveled from Detroit to Lincoln. "It limits the numbers of trips I can take. It's definitely more than I used to pay. A year ago, it probably would have been around $500."

Mike Woorhead traveled round trip from Lincoln to South Carolina. He paid more than $600.

"I think it's a little high," he said. "It used to be about half that."

He has flown out of both Lincoln and Omaha, and said the convenience of Lincoln's airport outweighs the hassle of driving to Omaha and paying for parking.

High ticket prices are a nationwide problem that Peter Greenberg, a travel expert said will only increase.

"You have more passengers competing for fewer seats," said Greenberg, "and that means airlines can basically pick and choose the roots they own and charge essentially whatever they want, there's not much competition."

Greenberg predicts airfare will go up 8-12%, and with prices like that, it could force many people to cut down on travel.

He also said this may affect frequent flier programs that airlines offer.