Food Prices Expected to Rise in 2013

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Grocery prices are on the rise at the grocery store according to the USDA.

Corn, the drought, fuel prices, and general inflation, are affecting food prices at the grocery store.

"We had decreased corn production, soy production, wheat production. You know there is a lot of things worldwide that have gone on," said Farmer Brandon Hunnicutt.

The USDA says on average, food prices will increase about two to 4-percent this year, on top of the two to 3-percent increases the country saw in 2012.

Egg and dairy prices will also be higher as drought drives up feed costs.

"Plus, the fact through two years of drought a lot of cattle herds start to be liquidated just because of the lack of feed that is out there from the southern Plains to Nebraska," said Hunnicutt.

And experts say the fresher the food the more shoppers can count on its price going up. Which is why sticking to your budget could be tricky.

"When you go to the grocery store take a list and stick to that list. A lot of times if we don't have that list we are picking up more expensive items that we don't necessarily need and those can add up on the grocery store bill," said Extension Educator Cami Wells.

Wells says also be careful what you are throwing away and check out the special deals.

"Keeping your eyes open and watching those ads, being very aware of what you are spending at the grocery store," said Wells.

All things to keep in mind next time you pick out your groceries at the store.