Jailed Former Police Officer in Trouble Again

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Former police officer Cassandra Briggs is serving a sentence for stealing from LPD's Santa Cop program. Now she is in trouble again for forgery.

Briggs was charged Friday with 2nd Degree Forgery. According to court records she reported someone stole hundreds of dollars from her bank account through multiple transactions.

The investigation showed the money was withdrawn in Florida. Court documents show Briggs originally told investigators she didn't know anyone in Florida, but later admitted her mother lives there. Briggs said her mother did not have permission to use her account, but when investigators interviewed her mother, she said Briggs had given her the ATM card and PIN number. Documents also state that Briggs had given her mother permission to use the card to take care of her child.

Briggs is facing the forgery charge and was given a $10,000 bond. She is currently in jail at the women's facility in York where she began serving a two- to five-year prison sentence June 2 for stealing thousands of dollars from the Police Union’s Santa Cop program, which provides gifts to low-income children. She pleaded guilty in January to felony theft for skimming money from the charity’s account from August 2008 to November 2010.