Community Remembers Former Seward High School Coach

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The wrestling mat is where Seward man Jeramie Schoepf found a great deal of success, qualifying for state with the Bluejays Wrestling Squad during the 1990's and then spending the past 11 years coaching a younger group of Seward Wrestlers to victories, however it's his personality off the mat that was being remembered during his funeral services on Friday.

"The life of the room everywhere he was and he was very special to a lot of people," said former classmate Lisa Brown.

Friends also recall his strong faith and love for helping others, as well as his ability to bring a smile to faces across Seward.

"Everybody knew his name and his laugh, you would hear him before you see him, he was very contagious with his laughter," said Brown.

For many of his former classmates, friends and family members, it was a final chance to say goodbye to a man whose legacy will live on.

"Great coach, great friend, great person," said Brown.