Update: Nebraska's Nuclear Plant's Flood Recovery Being Planned

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Officials say Fort Calhoun nuclear power plant will be thoroughly inspected and any flood damage repaired before the plant restarts sometime this fall.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission met with Omaha Public Power
District officials Wednesday. Throughout the discussion at the public meeting, utility officials emphasized safety.

OPPD's Chief Nuclear Officer Dave Bannister says Fort Calhoun won't be restarted until it is safe to do so.

Much of the nuclear plant about 20 miles north of Omaha has been surrounded by Missouri River floodwaters, but the plant itself remains dry inside. Fort Calhoun has been shut down since April because it was being refueled before the flooding began.

The main building at Fort Calhoun is at 1,004 feet above sea level, which is about 2 feet below the current river level.