Four Men Arrested for Possession of Stolen Copper Wire

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Four men were arrested Friday afternoon for stealing spools of copper for money.

Lincoln Police say sometime Thursday or Friday morning, 65 spools of copper wire were stolen from a storage container at a construction site south of 33rd Street and Yankee Hill Road.

The wire spools weighed around 990 pounds and were worth at least 20 thousand dollars.

Around 3:45 Friday afternoon the four suspects went to Alter Trading Corporation to try and sell the metal for money.

Police were called due to the suspicious nature of the sale and 3 men were arrested on site for the theft.

The fourth suspect turned himself in to the police department sometime Friday.

Derek Bauer, 20, Joey Delaney, 24, Matthew Agena, 20, Dakotta Clark, 19 were all arrested for felony possession of stolen property.