Four Deputies Needed to get Martel Man in Custody After Argument with Neighbor

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A Martell man is facing charges after an argument with a neighbor got out of control.

Deputies arrested Allen Chilen Tuesday night for third degree assault and resisting arrest.

Sheriff Terry Wagner says Chilen became upset when he received a notice about his dogs being potentially dangerous. Wagner says the dog had gotten out and killed a neighbor's chicken.

Wagner says the noticed allowed law enforcement to update the address information for Chilen.

A deputy was sent to Chilen's home in Martell to serve child support papers.

Because of this, Wagner says Chilen back upset with his neighbors. He says Chilen went to his neighbor's house and began yelling at them.

Deputies were called to break up the disturbance.

They took Chilen into custody, but the fight didn't stop there.

While deputies were driving Chilen to the Lancaster County Jail, he tried kicking out the back window in the patrol car.

Wagner says deputies stopped the car to further restrain Chilen.

They had to use considerable force to get him under control. Wagner says it took four deputies.