Franklin County Cleans Up From Saturday Storm

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FRANKLIN, Neb. -- The southern Nebraska town of Franklin is cleaning up the storm damage they suffered on Saturday.

A large stretch of grain bins along Highway 136 are almost all damaged.

There are bins dented, pushed over, and torn to pieces.

In town, it's mostly tree damage except for the roof of the Grossgate Community Church which was partially ripped off.

"I decided, I better come out here and just make sure everything was okay here. We had had some stuff tore up at our house so I just wanted to come out to the church and I came out here and noticed that the roof was taken off and parts of it were relocated onto the other roof and tore up and it was quite a deal," said Pastor Kasey Loschen.

Pastor Loschen said Father's Day mass had to be canceled Sunday, but service is expected next Sunday.

The Franklin County Sheriff said even with all the damage, no injuries have been reported to them.