Fraud Victims Release Surveillance Video

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They are the victims of fraud.

Computer Hardware, Inc. near 70th and O Street.

The crime happened on Wednesday.

A women walked into the store just after 1:00 p.m. and bought a MacBook Pro and an iPad.

She paid with a stolen credit card and had a matching ID.

"Obviously, her ID was fake," said Jeremiah Tripp, who handled the transaction, "matched the name on the credit card so I would assume this isn't the first time these people have done this."

Tripp said he had a gut feeling that something wasn't right.

"She kind of knew what she wanted and took a lot at one time. She was out of the door in a hurry after putting all of it on a credit card. A lot of our customers aren't in that big of a hurry. They ask more questions. They aren't in a hurry when they're spending that much money. It just didn't feel right."

After the women left the store, Tripp kept an eye on her through the window.

"She got into a silver SUV that was unmarked... no license plate. She drove around the building and took some side roads out. Threw some red flags the whole time."

Less than an hour later, the store received a call from the real cardholder.

"The card company won't pay us, so we're just kind of out unless we would find the merchandise at some point. It's just kind of a loss."

LPD is still investigating the case.

Tripp says the computers could be tracked by serial number if LPD contacts Apple directly, but the store is leaving that part to authorities.

Please contact police if you have any information on this woman.