Freezing Temperatures Hit Nebraska

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It's being called the coldest punch of air in two decades for the Midwest. Lincoln dropped to minus 30 wind chills late last night.

"Nobody in their right mind is out today," said Fred Brunner.

But if you had to work outside like Fred Brunner then there was was only one option.

"Layers of clothes is about all you can do. The Gator has a little heat in it. At least you're out of the wind."

Lincoln schools were canceled today, but that didn't necessarily mean kids enjoyed their day off outside.

"I think all the kids are staying home today because, no, I haven't really seen any kids."

I talked to Garett who also had to work.

He delivers Jimmy Johns on his bike. He said it was warm, but he was wearing a few layers.

"I have probably four layers of shirts, then this wind proof layer, really thick leggings, for my hands I've got these bar mitts," said Garett.

"I can't make it for longer, so it better be warmer in a few days."