Friends Support Castillo, Casares in Lancaster County Murder Investigation

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He's one of two men police say are connected to the murder of Tyler Shoenrock. Monday afternoon, Miguel Castillo appeared in court, hearing the charges against him. But he didn't come alone.

Castillo's friends and family sat in silence, watching as he was charged with accessory to commit a felony instead of first degree murder. But not even the lower charge could make things easier.

False accusations. That's what Miguel Castillo's girlfriend says is to blame for his arrest.

"I was devastated, in shock. I didn't really know what to do, say or think or even who to talk to," Castillo's girlfriend said.

She says she was with Castillo in the days following the murder and would have been able to tell if he was hiding something.

"He was the same Miguel he was a month ago," she said.

Others at the hearing say they're closer to Adrian Casares, the second suspect police are still searching for.

"He's a good person. I'm comfortable enough leaving him with anything of mine, entrusting him with anything. I trust him with my kids," said Casares' friend.

Both groups say their friends were nice, caring people. It's just not possible for them to hurt someone.

"It's sad, the whole situation is just sad," said Casares' friend.

Castillo's girlfriend is looking for closure. She hopes that in the end, the right person gets brought to justice.

Castillo will appear in court again on January 28. The district attorney had no further comment on why he lowered Castillo's charges.