Sand Volleyball Fundraiser Remembers Innocent Victim of Gang Violence

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During the 2nd Annual "Dig it for Dave" Volleyball Tournament at Spikes, Dave Mueller's face could still be seen and felt.

"We just wanted to remember him in a positive way, he was a great person. We loved hanging around him and he loved volleyball." said Friend Jessica Schmale.

In July of 2013, Dave was hospitalized after being jumped near 14th and Beton Streets in Lincoln.

"Dave got beaten last summer and he had a long battle and passed away from his injuries," said Schmale.

More than 100 players filled the sand courts to support Dave and one of the organizations he passionately worked for, the United Way.

Friends and family say Saturday's turnout shows them just how loved and respected Dave was.

"Support some friends who lost a dear friend sadly, it's a great opportunity for us all to come together in support of him, his memory as well," said Friend Les Franklin.