Friends of Murder Victim Petition for Park Safety

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Lincoln, NE-- A group of friends is hoping to increase the safety of Peter Pan Park in Lincoln.

“It’s Lincoln, it shouldn’t be like this,” said Jarvis Long’s friend, Scott Nannen.

Nannen lost his best friend last week.

“Even though he passed away,” said Nannen, “it’s a blessing in disguise.”

Police found Jarvis Long’s body last Thursday, saying Long suffered multiple stab wounds. His friends say it’s unfortunate that it took a tragedy to take action.

“I’m trying to start a petition to help lower crime rate at Peter Pan Park to put up lights and security cameras, said Long’s best friend, Joshua Fernandez.

Mother of eight, Diane Morrill agrees, because she does not feel safe at the park.

“I have to look around constantly and feel on edge and my eyes on my children all the time,” said Morrill, “I think it would be a great step forward to help protect our children here in Lincoln and any other children from other cities.”

As far as the security cameras, not everyone is on the same page.

“The cameras aren’t necessary because it’s an invasion of privacy. This being public park, citizens don’t want security agency looking at footage of them,” said Andrew Windle.

For the petition, Fernandez plans to take it to city leaders and hopes others will be on board.

“We’re trying to protect community and doing it the right way. Hopefully the city of Lincoln can understand that, and we can make a change together,” said Fernandez.

So far, Fernandez and his friends have more than 400 signatures, and hope to reach 600 more.