First News Nebraska has Fun with the Let's Make a Deal Cast

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Let's Make A Deal Host Wayne Brady is at the center of the show's action, but two people essential to the wacky production are keyboardist Cat Gray and model Tiffany Coyne.

With all the fun we witnessed behind the scenes, it's no surprise they both love their jobs.

"It's the best job in the world, but it's the weirdest most one of a kind non-music music gig that I've ever seen," said Gray. "I used to play with people on tour for years and years. I would work on records or remixes or whatever. But those are all strictly one hundred percent music. This show is not a music show and yet I play from the beginning to the end almost strait without stopping because there's music behind the games or there's music behind picking the crowds or there's music behind the comedy, things that Wayne or Jonathan will break into. I mean we have a party during the commercials when they don't even see what's happening."

"It's totally entertaining and I love being a part of giving prizes to people," said Coyne. "Everyone's excited. You might win a new car or a trip. To some people that's life changing; so it's really fun to be a part of that."

Before Gray landed his Let's Make a Deal gig, he played with several well known artists.

"I've played with a lot of people. I've played with Prince. I've played with Stevie Nicks. I've played with Stevie Wonder, George Clinton, James Brown."

Gray is responsible for the music you hear all throughout the show, including the infamous 'Zonk' noise a contestant hears when they make a bad decision.

Coyne says there's never a dull moment on set with Gray and improv masters Wayne Brady and Jonathan Mangum.

"They're very entertaining. I've never met people that are so on their toes. They're just thinking constantly and the whole improv they incorporate in the show is so much fun."

Coyne spends several hours in heels smiling for every camera and says she's greatful for her team of hair and make-up artists.

"I get in in the morning around 9 a.m. and we do rehearsals. Then I do hair and makeup, so that's nice. I get that done here and get ready for the first show. We do two shows a day. They (the clothes) are not mine. We have a stylist and a whole wardrobe department, but they pick amazing stuff: amazing dresses, shoes, the jewelry-everything. And they let me borrow some of it if I want...I get to dress up every day, so that's awesome!