Fundraiser Planned For Little Girl With PHACE Syndrome

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A fundraiser is planned to help a little girl's family cope with medical and travel expenses.

Nine year old Grace Meints has an extremely rare disorder that is called PHACE. It is an acronym for a rare complication that impacts only about 350 children in the entire world.

When doctors discovered that something was wrong, they told Grace's mom, Jennifer, that she wouldn't survive beyond birth.

Grace did survive and will turn ten years old later this year. She is alive, but still battling the disorder and health complications.

"The thing that we are battling the most right now are headaches, frequent headaches, nausea and fatigue. We just kind of take it symptom by symptom and kind of let the doctors know what's going on," said Jennifer Meints.

They recently traveled to Cincinnati, OH to meet with specialists. Grace has been suffering from high blood pressure and her local doctors were not able to keep it under control.

On their visit to Ohio, they found relief.

"We got her on a blood pressure medicine that brought it down and she can be followed by her teams locally and we'll still go there a couple times a year," said Jennifer.

Grace loves school and she loves to play. She enjoys spending with her parents, brother and sister.

"We don't really know what the future holds, but you take it day by day and you enjoy every day so you don't have any regrets at the end of the day," said Jennifer.

You can help the Meints Family at a fundraiser that will be held this weekend.

Saturday, November 10
Capitol City Christian Church
7800 Holdrege Street

Lunch will be provided by the Olive Garden at $5.00 per plate or $25.00 per family.