Fundraising Efforts Continue to Rebuild Lake Ericson

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Water flows through Lake Ericson two years after a dam failure that contributed to major flooding in the area.

Lake Association President Joe Wadas says the group is half way to their fundraising goal in an effort to restore the lake.

He says $180,000 is still needed after numerous donations and funds from TransCanada, the Environmental Trust and now, "Reader's Digest."

Gary Davis, vice president of Public Relations and Brand Communication Answers for "Reader's Digest" says Ericson was the smallest community to win the We Hear You America Award.

Online votes from across the country lead to the lake receiving $5,000.

Wadas says that money will be used to rebuilt what was the emergency spillway.

Ericson Mayor Duane Waddle says the nearly empty lake has had an impact.

"We've got two steakhouses, a cafe, a motel convenience store and several other businesses in town and it does affect them," he says. "We've noticed that over the last couple years. We've still got people coming through town to tank down the Cedar River but once it's filled back up it will make a difference."

Waddle and Wadas, along with lake, board members joined us on the NCN at 5:30 p.m. set Tuesday. Gary Davis also joined us via Skype. For the full interview, click on the video above.