Wisner-Pilger Middle School Destroyed, Future Uncertain

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LINCOLN, Neb. The future of the Wisner-Pilger is in jeopardy after Monday's storms.

The historic building was destroyed when 200 mile an hour winds tore through the town.

"It's a pretty tremendous amount of damage. Pretty catastrophic. Roof blown off most areas," Superintendent Chad Boyer said.

Boyer says the focus right now is the community and a plan for next school year has not been set.

Boyer adds that when the first day of school arrives they will be ready.

Volunteers from all over have come to Pilger to help clean up debris.

Diane Schultz worked at Wisner-Pilger Middle School and also attended grades K-6 there.

"I did get some things out of the office the kids drew me. My family pictures survived," Schultz said.

The building is nearly a century old and for a long time held grades K-12. Boyer says a lot of generations have come through its doors and many people have memories of walking through the school's halls.