GI Animal Shelter Looking for Special Home for Wolf Dog

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A local animal shelter is searching nationwide for a place for a special dog that's come into their care.

The Central Nebraska Humane Society Director Laurie Dethloff says dogs like Kona who are part wolf are rare in Nebraska, but they are around.

Kona, a full grown male, who Dethloff says is probably a Malamute or Husky mix, is friendly and fun, and when he stands, can put his paws on the shoulders of an average adult. Dethloff says because of his wolf side and his size, there's always a chance of behavior problems.

"You're just not sure what behavior is going to trigger a response, and they're just not truly domesticated like dogs," she says.

Because of that, and the gray area that hybrids fall in when it comes to rabies vaccinations, the shelter won't let Kona be adopted by the general public.

"With our responsibility we are choosing to get him to a place where he's going to be able to have the room, the health exams, the diet, what he needs to have to actually function as a hybrid," says Dethloff.

The shelter is talking with exotic animal sanctuaries and rescues about finding Kona a forever home.

"We are using the Ely International Wolf Center as a point of contact, we have a point of contact in Colorado, we have a few people in Nebraska, but nobody that actually has room to house," says Dethloff.

She says when they find Kona a place to live, they'll also be looking for transport options.

Wolf hybrids are not illegal in Nebraska.