G.I. Council Passes Anti-Discrimination Policy

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The Grand Island city council has passed an amendment to their rules and regulations, banning discrimination based on sexual orientation.

The policy already exists once a person is hired by the City of Grand Island. The passed resolution extends that distinction to those going through the hiring process.

After a lengthy discussion between the council and community members, the resolution passed six to four. Then, Mayor Jay Vavricek vetoed the decision.

Vavricek said he does not believe in symbolic rules.

"The City of Grand Island does not discriminate, period," he said.

The council overrode the veto. Councilman Mitch Nickerson said, although he voted against the resolution, the decision of the council should be respected.

Only Peg Gilbert and Scott Dugan voted against the override.

Human Resources Director Brenda Sutherland said nothing would change in her department, but the vote could open the city to further liability.