GI Man Charged In Numerous Burglaries/Thefts

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Grand Island has seen a significant spike in burglaries and thefts in 2013, with more than 40 being reported by mid-January.

Now police say they can link at least 30 of those crimes to one man, arrested this week.

It's his third arrest since December.

Hall County Court is becoming quite familiar with Richard Jarman Jr.

Jarman's latest appearance? Friday when he was charged with 16 felonies stemming from a number of burglaries and thefts.

"The criminal division of the Grand Island Police Department is working daily and I would not be surprised if additional charges were not added to the count" said Grand Island Police Officer Butch Hurst.

Richard's mom Lynette also faces charges. They include possession of stolen property and two stolen firearms.

The charges come after Grand Island Police Department served a search warrant at their home on West North Front Street.

"And that related him back to at least eight burglaries and two thefts in that instance," said Hurst.

Back in December police searched the same house taking more than 120 items and again in January when they seized more than Fifty.

Police say that evidence links Richard Jarman Jr to numerous burglaries and thefts.

Police say that evidence suggests each time he got out of jail, he allegedly broke into more homes and businesses including Uncle Ed's Steakhouse.

"It's about the security of our citizens, our city and our businesses," said Owner of Uncle Ed's Steakhouse Ed Sabatka.

Sabatka is watching the case closely because his restaurant was broken into last month.

"Two of them were in here trying to pry the safe open when the police officer pulled up," said Sabatka.

Jarman's most recent arrest came after he was found in the getaway car.

Police say the suspects never got into the safe, but caused damage to this business.