G.I. Mayor Not Resigning After DUI Arrest

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Rumors of a resignation surfaced this weekend after Grand Island Mayor Jay Vavricek was arrested on suspicion for driving under the influence. But a city spokeswoman confirmed Monday that the mayor will not be resigning and business will continue as usual.

According to the Nebraska State Patrol, Vavricek was stopped in Howard County around 6 p.m. Saturday. After troopers conducted sobriety tests, Vavricek was arrested and booked into the Valley County jail, as Howard County does not have a jail. He was released on $300 bond later that night.

Many Grand Island residents said they were shocked to hear about the mayor's arrest.

"Very shocked. He's a public figure and he's supposed to be a mentor to our kids, supposed to be living a good life," said Cori Ross. "And it's bad news. I guess that's where alcohol and drugs can affect anybody."

In a statement released Sunday afternoon, Vavricek said that he was "sorry and embarrassed." The mayor also apologized to his family and the community.

Residents said while they're disappointed, they know the mayor is human like everyone else. They also said he should be treated like everybody else.

"Everybody goes through the drinking stages. I did, and I got picked up, and I learned my lesson. Everybody does something wrong some time," said Bob Partaka.

"I think he should be treated just like everybody else because everybody does it and everybody gets treated the same," Ross said.

But with another blemish during an already rocky term, some said the mayor has little chance of a political future after this current term.

"Probably pretty slim. I think somebody else on the city council will probably run and beat him out," said Partaka.

Formal charges have not yet been filed against Vavricek, as authorities are still waiting for the results of his blood tests.