G.I. Police Dept. Hiring Officers in Coming Months

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Grand Island won't be getting the nearly half dozen new police officers this month as initially thought, but it's not because of lack of funding.

Grand Island's Police Chief says those officers will get hired, its just a matter of waiting a little longer.

Everyday police officers in Grand Island work to serve the public, a service residents say tops their list of musts.

"I think public safety is critical in this day and age," said Ron Miller of Grand Island.

Police chief steve lamken says staying ahead of the curve in the hiring process is critical for the police department - and training the right hire is important.

"We want them prepared we want to make sure they are able to do the job and we want the very best people we can find for the city and the police department," said Grand Island Police Chief Steve Lamken.

Which is why the department is waiting about three or four months to hire additional officers.

"The list we had was exhausted and we have established a new list, so we will be hiring off of that list," said Lamken.

Chief Lamken says it's about getting the right person in the door, and the public agrees.

"It's the governmental duty of the city council and mayor to make sure people are well protected," said Grand Island Resident Billy Wright.

"The important thing is to do the application process in such a fashion that you get the best, and that is what you want," said Miller.

Once an officer is hired, it takes eight or nine months to train that person.

The three recent police officers hired will start work next week.
The department is also looking at hiring some non-sworn positions by the end of the month.