GIPD Looking for Rifle Used in Elsbernd Murder

Grand Island Police Investigators are attempting to locate a center fire rifle that was used in the Todd Elsbernd homicide on November 13, 2013.

According to GIPD, the Investigation reveals the strong possibility that the rifle was discarded along a road or highway somewhere between Grand Island and Hastings. Investigators are not ruling out the entire tri-Ccty area.

They say an extensive search has been made by law enforcement with negative results. This leads police to believe there is a possibility that the rifle is well hidden, or someone has picked it up and has it in their possession.

Police say if you find, or have already found a rifle in the tri-city area, or you know someone who has, please contact the Criminal Investigation Division of the Grand Island Police Dept.

A substantial reward is being offered for its recovery and no criminal charges will be brought at this time. Police have the make, model and serial number and it has been entered into the National Crime Information Computer System (NCIC).