GIPS Teacher Earns National Recognition

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Fourth-grade teacher Sara Robinson started off the morning with a big surprise. An all-school assembly was held to recognize her as an outstanding teacher.

The Milken Family Foundation honored her with the 2012 National Educator Award, the only one to be given in Nebraska this year. On top of the recognition, Robinson was also awarded $25,000 to spend however she likes.

Robinson says the whole event came as a shock, but the real reward is simply teaching.

"I just love working with children. To see them finally understand a concept or just to see them get excited for learning or reading. Seeing how excited they can be and to know I was a part of that and I'm making a difference in someone's life," said Robinson.

The entire school showed their support for robinson, but some of her students know first hand why she deserves the award.

9-year old Alyssa said, "We do a lot of games in math and science and all that. It's just really awesome. She's the best teacher ever."

Governor Dave Heineman says great teachers make Nebraska a good place to learn, but education in the state must continue to grow on different levels.

"I'm very pleased overall with our education system but we can't be complacent. We have a very good education system in this state. We have great teachers and the people who support them everyday. We are trying to involve more parents all the time in their student's education. That is critical."

The Milken Family Foundation has recognized outstanding teachers across the country since 1987. Robinson was one of only 40 teachers nationwide to receive the honor this year.