GISH Football Team Helps Pilger

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It's been more than a week since tornadoes touched down in Pilger and the Grand Island Senior High Football Team wanted to do something to help.

"It's not just the game of football, we're more for...driven to help the community and a team to help others and serve other people and make the community better," said James Swanson a GISH football player.

Grant Bednar, another GISH football player said, "It's super important for our team, just a humbling experience just being able to help them out. And especially since the Wisner-Pilger coach was a former Islander football coach at Grand Island Senior High, it's just a humbling experience helping them out."

The football players helped pick up debris in the fields so families could get their properties back in the best shape possible. And coach Jeff Tomlin says the students were eager to come and help.

"It wasn't hard to get kids to come at all. A lot more wanted to come than actually came," said Jeff Tomlin the GISH football coach.

"It could happen to anyone and it just happens to be them and just glad to help," said Bednar.

The football players said everyone has been more than grateful for their help, but they're just happy to be in Pilger to volunteer.