Update: G.I. Authorities Investigate Apparent Murder-Suicide

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Hall County Attorney Mark Young says law enforcement are investigating an apparent murder-suicide that took place in Grand Island Monday morning.

In a statement released Monday afternoon, Young said names of the parties involved will not be released until families have been notified.

But neighbors and witnesses are sharing their experiences with 10/11 and Nebraska Central News. Kacie Miller says she'd never expect to a murder to happen in her neighborhood.

Miller says her fiance woke up to a loud banging noise at 5 o'clock Monday morning, and stepped outside their apartment door to see what the noise was.

"He went to step out to our laundry room and noticed a person on the steps in bad condition," Miller says.

Miller says her fiance called 911. When Grand Island Police officers arrived at the apartment complex, they asked Miller and the other residents to stay in their apartments. Miller says she thinks the murder is a result of a domestic issue.

"I've heard a bad divorce, the woman filed for separation, and she moved over to that house, and that's when husband or ex-husband came over and broke into the house and as far as I know there were three bullet holes in the door over there," Miller says.

Michaela Campbell stepped outside the warehouse where she works at about 8:30 Monday morning and saw a truck pulled over on southbound Highway 281.

"Apparently there was a shooting this morning and that's why they were chasing him," Campbell says.

She says she saw two Grand Island Police SUV cruisers pull over the pick-up truck.

"I wasn't really paying attention at first because they pull people over all the time," Campbell says. "Then I heard them getting on their microphones telling them to get their hands up."

She says the driver didn't comply and soon eight more police cars pulled up.

"All of a sudden, it just became total chaos and all the cops started to swarm, the dogs were let loose, it was just insane," Campbell says.

Campbell says she watched an officer approach the vehicle and heard a gun shot.

"He crouched down and was using the bed of the pick-up as cover, and then he reached over, opened the door and then you hear the shot fired," Campbell says.

She says she saw officers pull a body out of the vehicle, and an ambulance arrived shortly after.

Officers blocked off the stretch of Highway 281 for nearly six hours on Monday as crews investigated the scene.

"They had the whole area roped off, it was obviously a forensics team," Campbell says.

But officials have not confirmed any details of the case.

In its statement, the Hall County Attorney's Office made no further comments, noting that a Grand Jury may be convened to investigate the incident.

A Grand Jury is often convened when law enforcement are involved in a death or if a suspect dies in custody. Nebraska Central & 10/11 News has not confirmed authorities were involved in either death.