Gambling Back In Nebraska Legislature

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Casino gambling is back in the legislature this year for another attempt to get casinos throughout the state.

And this time, you could have two chances to vote.

For almost 20 years casino gambling has stirred up debate throughout Nebraska.

"It was the year they put the casino in Council Bluffs. I thought it was a 3 month commitment," said Pat Loontjer, Executive Director of Gambling With the Good Life.

After Council Bluffs put in their casino in 1995, chatter began at the Nebraska Capitol over bringing them here.

Today the debate continues.

We asked you on Facebook what you thought about the possibility of casinos in Nebraska.

Brad said, "It's time we get this done.. way to much Nebraska money going to Iowa and Kansas!!"

And Angela said, "I keep thinking of all of the revenue that the state of Nebraska is losing out on by people going over to Council Bluffs or other states to gamble."

That's why Senator Russ Karpisek wants to allow casinos anywhere in Nebraska - as long as voters agree to have it in the state and again vote to let it come into their backyard.

"We estimate 400 million dollars a year going into Iowa," he said. "Each community would get to vote if they want it or not."

Karpisek said the amendment would put that money towards lowering state property taxes, giving more money to public schools, the Game and Parks Commission, the Department of Natural Resources and a small amount to help those with gambling problems.

But Gambling With the Good Life said that money may not go where the amendment says it will, and it wouldn't be worth it.

"The national statistics show that for every one dollar a state gains in gambling revenue. It's costing them three dollars in social costs," said Lootnjer.

Jared agreed on Facebook, saying "casinos ruin people and devastate great communities."

Karpisek has been a long-time advocate of expanding gambling in Nebraska, but this is his last session, making this his last chance for Nebraska to become casino-friendly.