Genealogy Conference: Back to the Basics

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Genealogists say that with so many records available at the click of a mouse, it can be easy to overlook local resources.

"We just feel that genealogists sometimes lose track of that because of the online environment now they think they can get it all online," says Floyd Smith III, Vice President of the Nebraska State Genealogical Society. "There are instances where you need to write to a courthouse and need to ask for some of the very basic records to look for the information."

Members of the Nebraska State Genealogical Society are talking about getting back to the basics.

"Sometimes you have to have the boots on the ground to be able to really check some of these things out," says Doug Cramer, President of the Prairie Pioneer Genealogy Society in Hall County.

Cramer says their society can help with information and records from Hall County and surrounding areas, and some of it's information family tree researchers won't find online.

"We've got every cemetery indexed in the county, and that's a unique collection that is only available right in this area," says Cramer.

Genealogists say there are a lot of records that can be locally accessed and help shed light on a specific individual.

"Giving people the basic information on what to look for in a census record, how to access the census records, what type of information is available to the public - marriage records, probate records, those types of things," says Smith.

And they say researchers shouldn't be afraid to look again.

"Sometimes revisiting those old records that you haven't looked at in years will bring up information you didn't recognize the first time," Smith says.