Get The Flood App

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Just in time for the winter thaw and National Flood Safety Awareness Week, the American Red Cross has launched its new flood app.

The goal is to provide critical information and real-time data to users during a flooding event.

Preparedness is the key to safety and the app is preloaded with checklists, aid kit information and other was to stay ahead of danger.

Liz Dorland, with the Red Cross, said, "We are really trying to remind everyone that the Red Cross is here. We are in your life every single day. We are right here in the palm of your hand, on your cell phone, on your device. There will be an alert that will go out immediately saying your county, your area, is under a flash flood warning or a flood warning and then it will give you a list of steps or a list of things you need to do from that point on."

Some of the features include:

•One-touch I'm Safe messaging services
•Tool kit that turns the phone into a flashlight, strobe light and alarm
•Locations of nearby open Red Cross shelters

The app is free and available for download now.