Ghost Hunters Investigate Strategic Air And Space Museum

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We've all seen those ghost hunting shows...Do you ever wonder how it really works? A Nebraska-based group of ghost hunters and the Strategic Air and Space Museum allowed us to observe what happens during an investigation.

From lights appearing to turn on and off by themselves, to sudden drops in temperature, Matt Anderson says he's had his share of unusual experiences at the museum where he's worked for about six years.

Anderson said these experiences motivated him to contact the Tri-City Research and Investigation of the Paranormal group, otherwise known as TRIP to seek members' opinions about the matter.

Angela Roeber, director of marketing and public relations for the museum, said although she's a skeptic, she wanted to see what an investigation would yield. Roeber promoted a visit by TRIP, offering museum go-ers an afternoon presentation in the museum's theater by the self-described ghost hunters.

Roeber says TRIP's presentation on Saturday drew a crowd, with total museum attendance surpassing six hundred visitors. But the event - which featured highlights of some of the group's investigations- was just a small part of what took place at the museum on Saturday.

After the museum closed for the day, TRIP began setting up for an investigation of the facility, hoping to prove or debunk those rumors of paranormal activity at the Strategic Air and Space Museum.

The group's setup for the night involved an elaborate video surveillance system with eight stationary cameras, handheld video cameras, audio recording devices, electromagnetic meters and laser motion detectors.

Once the recording devices were in place, the group hunkered down in Hangar A, with members sitting on the cement floor in complete darkness, looking for signs that something or someone was in the room with them.

The group's equipment showed what it initially believes to be signs of paranormal activity from things like abnormally short battery life on equipment to one of TRIP's laser motion detectors seemingly being set off out of nowhere during the course of the night.

The team is looking at dozens of hours of audio and video tapes, trying to determine what exactly caused some of their machines to react.

TRIP is a volunteer effort that runs on donations. The group has been around since 2009 and it's investigated 40-50 reports of hauntings in Nebraska.