Update: 13-Year-Old Dies from Injuries in ATV Accident

According to Bryan Health, a 13 year old girl injured in an ATV crash Saturday has died.

The accident happened around 2:45 p.m. at the girl's grandparent's house near 18036 NW 140th Street near Malcolm, along the Lancaster/Seward county line. The area is near Branched Oak Lake.

The Lancaster County Sheriff's Department said Emma Kringle was driving a home-made ATV when her long hair got caught in the engine and she was pulled off the vehicle, suffering head injuries. Sheriff Terry Wagner said Kringle's Uncle constructed the ATV and it's been in the family for about 20 years.

She was flown by StarCare to Bryan Health's West Campus in Lincoln.

The Lancaster County Sheriff said she was pronounced brain dead Sunday but was kept on life support until her organs could be donated.

Authorities said Kringle was wearing a helmet. No one else was on the vehicle when it happened. Kringle's nine-year-old cousin was riding another ATV and found her unconscious.

Kringle lived in rural Walton and attended Waverly school. Waverly Middle School released this statement.

"We are deeply saddened by this tragic accident. She was a student who gave her best effort at school. On a typical school day, our buildings are filled with energy and excitement, and Emma was a part of that environment. Each day we have the opportunity to play a part in a student’s growth and learning, but today Waverly Middle School is filled with a sense of sadness due to the loss of Emma."

Waverly's crisis team is providing support to students and staff.