Girl Scout Cookies On Sale

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The largest girl-led business in the world is operating in full force - girl scout cookies sales are underway. Just like last year, you don't have to wait to get your cookies after you order. Girl scouts will have the cookies on hand and you can receive them as soon as you pay.

This year's new cookie is Mango Creme with NutriFusion. It's touted as being a healthier variety that contains vitamins and has no trans fats, hydrogenated oils or preservatives.

The Girl Scouts of America are encouraging people now more than ever to buy your cookies from a girl scout, and not her parent.

New this year is an app that is designed to help make you a good cookie buyer. It includes 10 steps to follow including simply saying hi, not calling them cute and asking the girl questions about the business. It is available on iPhone and Android.

Girl Scout Cookies are $3.50 per package and are on sale February 15 – March 24. Booth sales begin February 25.