Go Red For Women Helps American Heart Association

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Red cupcakes, red drinks and red clothes.

Thursday night marked the seventh annual "Go Red for Women" event in Lincoln for the American Heart Association.

"We have anticipated this for so long," said Libby Raetz, "so much work has gone into it."

Raetz is the Chief Nursing Assistant at Saint Elizabeth Regional Medical Center.

"We have brought a lot of women together," she said. "We're having a silent auction, and we also want to educate women about heart health and signs and symptoms of heart disease."

Heart disease is the number one killer of women.

The event showcased the survivors, and a silent auction was held for those still fighting.

"Heart disease affects a lot of people and in particular, women, and women present very different in many instances than men."

The money will go to the American Heart Association.

Everyone attended for their own reason, like Suzanne Geist, who lost her best friend and sister to heart disease.

"We lost her instantly, not knowing there was any problems," Geist said, "and so we're committed to this charity because of her memory."

At the event, Geist remembered her sister-- on what would have been her birthday.

"It's important it is to know how healthy you are," she said.

Even with the serious side of the event, there had to be a little fun including drinks and cupcakes.

10-11's Bonney Bowman took part in this year’s "Go Red Better U" challenge and helped emcee the event.