Golden Apple Award: Kooser Elementary in Lincoln

After watching Jessi Potter interact with her students, it's no wonder why she is one of the most popular teachers at Kooser Elementary School in Lincoln.

Mrs. Potter is a whiz at creating rhymes and songs in order to help difficult concepts stick in a young persons mind.

Mrs. Potter was nominated by one of her kindergartners, Ella Lange. Her mom Heather read from Ella's nomination letter, "I like you so much. Thank you for being nice to me and teaching me so much stuff. I want to give you this award because you earn it. I want to say I love you but I can't give you kisses. You are the best, best, best teacher ever. From, Ella."

Heather echoed the sentiments of her daughter, "I feel there are no words to describe what an amazing teacher she truly is. No one deserves this award more than Jessi Potter."

In the classroom, Mrs. Potter uses music to make it memorable. This Seward native takes great pride in tailoring a positive learning environment, "I want them to know that this is a happy, safe place where they can learn and just do their best that's what makes me keep going and do my best."

Jessi Potter was born to be a teacher, "I always knew I wanted to be around kids and young learners. It just makes me feel good each day to be around young kids and just give them hands-on learning opportunities and songs and poems just so they feel good about themselves and make them smarter each day."