Golf Tournament Benefits 5-Year Old With Rare Cancer

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CAIRO, Neb. -- 5-year old Katelyn Sybrandts was diagnosed with ependymoblastoma in February. The rare cancer got even more uncommon when it was found in a tumor in her tailbone, the first time that's been seen in this country, and only the third time in world history.

Sunday golfers were doing what they could to help the Sybrandts family.

17 teams of 4 played 18 holes in Cairo with all the proceeds going to the Sybrandt's family of Grand Island. That money will help cover the costs of Katelyn's treatments in Omaha.

"It was really amazing, there was lots of teams to come out and support Katelyn and our family. It's just awesome," said Stacy Strands, Katelyn's mother.

Katelyn's father Brian Sybrandts added, "Our community has just stepped up so much for our family and we just appreciate that so much."

Golfers were more than happy to come out to support the family.

"If somebody's going to come out and say, 'Hey I want to golf 9 or 18,' why not make it towards a cause? Who says you can't do that? It's going to be well worth it for the family in the end," said golfer Emily Shuman.

And while Katelyn, who's still receiving treatment, couldn't be in Cairo, her personality was felt all across the course.

"She just always says okay and just kind of takes it in stride and smiles through it all and she's doing well," said Stacy.

Brian said, "She's been to a couple of the events so far and all the people that have turned out, she's just kind of been in awe."

As everyone enjoyed themselves out on the links, Katelyn's uncle was waiting for something a little better.

Kevin Ziska said, "The best part about today is when I get done I'm going to walk out of here and going to give my niece a hug and I'm going to go on back to Omaha."

Katelyn's parents said the support from family, friends, and even strangers, is keeping their family in high spirits as their daughter fights this disease.

"She's going to beat this, she has about 5-7 more months of chemo treatments left and hopefully after that we'll be cancer free," said Stacy.

To keep up with Katelyn's story and find out how you can join her fight, click the link to the "Katelyn's Journey: One sparkle at a time" Facebook page.