Good Life Halfsy Attracts Thousands to Lincoln, Benefits Local Businesses

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LINCOLN, Neb. Six thousand runners from thirty-eight different states traveled to Lincoln for the Good Life Halfsy. In just the second year, the number of runners doubled from 2014.

"Now it's kind of like how big can this thing get," said co-founder of Bulu Box, Paul Jarrett.

Bulu Box is a sponsor of the race. Jarrett said he and his wife co-founded Bulu Box three years ago. They came up with the concept after a marathon in San Fransisco. For ten dollars a month, customers can receive healthy vitamins and snacks.

Jarrett tells 1011 News, he and his wife always wanted to sponsor a marathon. After dinner one night with Ben Cohoon and Jarrett Bakewell, with Pink Gorilla, "We said let's make our own and that sounded like fun," said Jarrett.

"It blows my mind how it is now, versus what the original concept was. Last year, it sold out in a couple days and this year we doubled that and it sold out as well, now it's kind of like how big can this thing get?" said Jarrett.

He thinks being down in the Haymarket is part of what attracts runners to the Good Life Halfsy. "Having the cube and everything, it's pulling runners in from all over. It's kind of crazy how in a year, people know the race now nationwide," said Jarrett.

"I think it's a fun unique event, Lincoln is known as a running town. I think they like to come here and experience the good life," said Ben Cohoon, Good Life Halfsy Race Director.

With runners traveling to Lincoln from across the country, it's a chance to showcase what Lincoln has to offer. "It's a big economic impact for Lincoln and Nebraska, it's great that we get the opportunity to showcase the city, but also bring in money from out of state," said Cohoon.

Runner Krista Kopf, who lives in Lincoln, and Cody Hawly from Falls City, met up after the race for the Post Race Festival in the Railyard. "Everyone is down here having a beer after the race, going to eat down here, it brings a lot of people in, it's fun," said Kopf. Hawly said he enjoys traveling to Lincoln for races. "Lincoln puts on the best races in the area hands down, it's always worth a trip to run here."

Former UNL student Nick Diediker also traveled to Lincoln from Dakota City, Nebraska. "I just love this atmosphere, so many people here cheering you on, it's a nice community. We got here Saturday, stayed at the Holiday Inn, went out and got a couple beers, went to Lazlos had some steaks and had a good time," said Diediker.

Cheering runners along on Sunday was TJ McDowell, he said he ran the race last year and after a recent race, decided not to this year because he is still recovering. "I think it's a great event, it's a great course, it's a nice way to end our running season in Lincoln," said McDowell.

The Good Life Halfsy starts at Seacrest Field. Highlights of the route include Holmes Lake, Union Plaza, Innovation Campus, Historic North Bottom's Neighborhood, Downtown Stadiums, The Lincoln Pedestrian Bridge and the finish line in front of the Haymarket's new Railyard.

"It shows off our city, starts in the east part of the city and ends up in the Haymarket, it's a great race!" said McDowell.

The Holiday Inn was the host hotel for the event, employee Devon Brandt said everyone gets involved to put on a good event. "It's really great to see the cooperation of everyone, everyone can work together. It's nice to see it in Lincoln. I'm a Lincolnite myself, it's always nice to see Nebraska and Lincoln in general on the map, it's good for everyone involved," said Brandt.

Race Director Ben Cohoon said "It's great you can combine wellness with economic impact and people just experiencing our culture."