Gov. Dave Heineman Announces Vetoes To Budget Bills

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Lincoln, Neb.-- Saturday, a strong statement from Governor Dave Heineman in response to the legislature's budget bills- less excess spending on things we don't need, and more property tax relief.

The Governor vetoed 65 million dollars in spending total, then asked for 25 million of that to be returned to taxpayers in the form of property tax relief.

"If I could decide the budget totally by myself there'd be less spending," said Governor Heineman.

But his message to senators of spend less came with a louder one- give more back to taxpayers.

"Practically every single one of them ran for legislature saying 'I'll do something about property tax relief' and they're going to have an opportunity in the next 10 days," he said.

Heineman said there's no excuse now for those taxes not to be included in the budget bills as the session comes to a close.

"I've given them back the money to do this one," he said.

And while other items included in budget bills didn't make the executive cut, it's not for lack of support that Governor Heineman vetoed others.

"A request to establish a State Ward Permanency Pilot Project was withdraw by the Department of Health and Human Services indicating that the request was more appropriate to address during development of the biennium budget,"

The Nebraska government creates a two-year budget for fiscal years, which starts July 1.

A spokesperson for the Governor said if a project is too costly to be added in the middle of a two-year budget period, he may veto that too and recommend it go on the next budget.