Governor Heineman Kicks off Livewell Challenge at the Capitol

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The top two New Year's resolutions are to lose weight and exercise more. They go hand and hand, but those who took part in the Livewell challenge got it done with their feet.

More than 100 people including Governor Dave Heineman kicked off the challenge presented by the Nebraska Sports Council at noon on Thursday at the State Capitol Building.

Those who are participating are looking to the benefits of a healthier lifestyle.

"Reducing the risk of heart disease, improved brain function, increased energy, weight control and better sleep. For all of those things, if you could make yourself a little healthier, you reduce your chances by a lot," said Dave Mlnarik, Executive Director of the Nebraska Sports Council.

"It's a great way to continue our cultural wellness. We are excited to do it every year," said Governor Dave Heineman.

Over the years Nebraskans have lost more than 200,000 pounds and accumulated over 50 million activity minutes.