Governor Heineman Seeks to Attract Veterans for Nebraska Jobs

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Gov. Dave Heineman Tuesday announced a new recruitment video, Nebraska Hires Veterans, produced by the Nebraska Department of Labor, to draw job-seeking veterans to Nebraska. The video features veterans from various parts of the country, and a wide array of occupations, discussing why Nebraska truly is The Good Life when you’re transitioning from military service.

“Following active duty deployments, many servicemen and women are looking for employment and a place to call home,” said Gov. Dave Heineman. “The veterans in this video provide just a few examples of the job opportunities and quality of life veterans can find here.”

The video is being distributed to and by veterans, their friends and family, veteran support organizations and many others. Links to the video can be found on and

“This video is getting the word out to military servicemen and women everywhere that Nebraska hires veterans,” said Catherine D. Lang, Director of the Nebraska Department of Economic Development and Commissioner of the Nebraska Department of Labor. “We want to bring the talent to Nebraska that employers are seeking.”

The video builds on the success of another State effort to employ veterans, participation in the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Hiring Our Heroes fairs. Hiring events were held in Lincoln, Omaha and Norfolk, with attendance totaling over 600 veterans and over 200 employers. Additional hiring fairs are planned throughout Nebraska in the coming months. Nationwide, the initiative has helped over 10,000 veterans find meaningful employment.