Graduating Seniors Walk Across PBA Stage For The First Time

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LINCOLN,Neb. Today, it was a sea of blue in the downtown areas as Lincoln seniors prepared to walk across the Pinnacle Bank Arena stage for the first time.

The arena has already been making history all year long in Lincoln with its top headliners and zany events but this arena certainly brought a touch of magic to Lincoln seniors on their big day.

Lincoln families started to arrive at the arena in the early afternoon for the first ceremony at noon.

Elizabeth Norton was preparing to walk across the stage today and she was very excited for the day's events, taking pictures on the arena's balcony.

"It's so big and it's new and it's just really exciting because not a lot of people can get to say they graduated here," said Norton.

Students in three senior classes - Lincoln East, Lincoln Northeast and Lincoln Southeast - can say they were one of the first seniors to walk across the PBA stage for their graduation.

Family members and friends who were attending the ceremony today were impressed with how the arena made it easier to watch everything on stage.

The big jumbo-tron allowed all of the audience members to see the speeches - no matter where they were sitting.

Julie Talamka watched her granddaughter walk across the stage at noon and she said, "It was just groundbreaking for the first high school graduation class that got to walk across the stage - Lincoln Northeast 2014."

The set up even seemed to impress out-of-state visitors - who recognize what Lincoln has to offer.

Jason Kunc is visiting from Portland, Oregon and he said, "It's very bright, shiny and very clean - everything's new."

But for all graduates - the pride they felt walking across this stage - is shared with their families who were able to relish in the moment.

"This is kinda special because I'm the first one in my family to graduate," said Norton.