Grand Island Digging Out After the Storm

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Most of central Nebraska got at least six to 10 inches of snow during the storm, which meant there was a lot of digging to do on Friday.

All around town people were shoveling and using snow blowers to clear away as much snow as possible.

"Last night I was shoveling every couple of hours so it wouldn't get too deep. Then I came out this morning and there was a lot of snow on the ground. And it's taken a couple of hours to get dug out," said Michael Medbery, who was using a shovel to clear his driveway.

Even though it's a lot of snow, people said this storm was a lot better than the previous one in December.

"The snow's really light. It's really powdery so it's really not hard to scoop. Last time was really heavy, wet snow and that was just a pain in the butt," Medbery said.

Grand Island city crews also worked day and night throughout the storm to clear public roads.

"We did the emergency routes a couple of times yesterday, and we started residentials around 2 a.m. We had a shift change at 7 and we're back out at residentials. It's going really well," said Shannon Callahan, Street Superintendent for Grand Island.

Residents said they were impressed by the city's work on emergency routes and other major roads.

"The main roads are awesome. I notice on a lot of them, you can actually see the blacktop or concrete on them, making it non-slick, making it safer for drivers out there," said Jay Hawley.

The Streets Division said they're trying to make as much progress as possible on the residential roads as well.

"I put out as much equipment as I have and as long as I have the operators I can get them out to do residentials. In the residentials, there's a little more restrictions. Some of the streets are narrower, there's a lot of circle drives, and there's only certain equipment that can get in there and really do a good job," Callahan said.

The Grand Island Streets Division said crews expect to start hauling snow away Friday evening. The City of Hastings said they finished plowing all roads Friday morning and will begin hauling around 11 p.m. And in Kearney, hauling will begin at 2 a.m. Saturday.