Grand Island First Grader Writes The Queen, Gets Response

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Not many people can say they've gotten a letter from Buckingham Palace. First grader Caden Sheffield is not on that list.

The West Lawn Elementary student learned in school that the British shipped the Liberty Bell to the US even after being beaten in the Revolutionary War. Caden was so touched he decided to write a thank you note to the queen back in February.

Last week Caden received a letter back from the Queen's lady-in-waiting, who thanked him for his kind words on Queen Elizabeth's behalf.

"I said 'Thank you for the Liberty Bell,' said Caden, "and, 'The world is a nice beautiful place because you're in it.'"

While he was thrilled with the response, Caden said he doesn't plan on visiting England any time soon.

He's already writing his next letter, this one to the king and queen of Sweden.