Grand Island Teen Uses Social Media to Help Stop Bullying

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Like most teenagers, 18-year-old Schuyler Emde is on his phone a lot. But unlike those of many of his peers, his messages have a purpose.

"I'm just sitting here thinking about this and I say, 'oh hey, this is something I should tweet' and it puts smiles on people's faces," Emde said.

After two of his friends told him they had been bullied so much they had considered suicide, Emde decided that he needed to do something about it.

"It hurt me inside and I knew that it was a problem in the school and I knew we had to figure it out," said Emde.

Emde set up a blog and a Twitter account in mid-November. At his Twitter handle, @StopBullyingNE, Emde tweets encouraging words and interacts with bullying victims.

"I just want to connect with the kids who are struggling with maybe having suicidal thoughts and are having a rough time with bullying. I just want to make them feel good and let them know that someone is there for them and is willing to just listen," Emde explained.

After speaking with a school counselor about his goals, Emde also started an anti-bullying club at Grand Island Senior High. The club is still new, but it's starting to catch on.

"I've had a lot of people come up to me, say, you know you're doing a really good thing in our school. Basically they're really excited about it," Emde said.

"It's a neat thing, to have students reach out to other students. I think that helps other students feel more comfortable when it's them talking to someone that's their age," said GISH junior Kaeli Stubbs.

Emde is one teen not only making a difference in other's lives, he may be saving lives as well.