Grand Island Veterans Home Bill Heard In Legislature

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A bill heard at the legislature Thursday could put an end to the back and forth about the Grand Island Veterans Home move to Kearney.

The hearing room at the Capitol on Thursday was packed with people wanting to testify on the bill that deals with the Grand Island Veterans Home.

The bill from Grand Island Senator Mike Gloor would require legislative approval before a state agency can move from one jurisdiction to another. In this case, the retroactive bill would require approval for the Grand Island Veterans Home to move from Grand Island to Kearney and become the Central Nebraska Veterans Home. And approval for any funding for the project.

Governor Heineman spoke about the project Thursday.

"It's now time for all of us to focus on getting a new veteran's home for our veterans that's the most important thing here. We went through a very open, transparent, competitive process. Kearney won that fair and square," he said.

Veterans said they just want the home to be completed. Thursday's hearing was a long one. After an hour and a half the committee was still hearing proponent testimony.

One man said he hopes this bill makes it out of committee and onto the floor of the legislature so lawmakers can discuss some of the issues that have come up with the veterans home.

When 10/11 News spoke with Senator Gloor in December he didn't say if the bill is aimed to stop the move, but Senator Annette Dubas, who co-signed the bill, said it would be a positive change to the way the state does business.