Grand Island Hiring Notices Are Positive Signs of the Times

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Grand Island Chamber of Commerce President Cindy Johnson: "The jobs are here. And people that are looking for jobs in those fields will find a job in Grand Island."

Those fields -- in particular -- are the restaurant and retail trades, and they are prominently displaying help wanted signs.

Cindy Johnson: "Grand island is seeing 4% or under unemployment. That means that essentially anyone who is capable and able to work is in the work place."

Businesses are now pushed to compete for workers, with higher wages, or flexible scheduling, discounts, transportation, and other incentives. As seen in other Grand Island industries, employees are quick to exercise their options...

Cindy Johnson: "For ten cents an hour, an individual would move from one company to another company. That's going to happen, that is happening, in the retail and restaurant sector. You'll see those wages bump up."

Another potential source of service sector jobs is the redevelopment of failed retail spaces like the West State Street Furniture Super Center, now being eyed to House a "Bed, Bath & Beyond" store, a dress and shoe store, and a GAP store.

The Grand Island/Hall County Redevelopment Authority approved nearly $900,000 in Tax Increment Financing for the property Wednesday.

Service sector jobs may also increase as Grand Island's population approaches 50,000, a number some businesses use as a minimum when establishing new locations.