Grant Buys New Equipment for York County Sheriff

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The York County Sheriff says they'll be upgrading some patrol equipment thanks to a grant from the Nebraska Office of Highway Safety.

State officials say the extra dollars are federal alcohol incentive funds that Nebraska gets because it meets certain law and investigation standards.

More than $7,700 is going to help York County buy two in-car camera systems and a new radar unit.

Fred Zwonechek, the director of the Nebraska Office of Highway Safety, says they put the alcohol incentive dollars toward police and judicial training, campaigns like "You Drink, You Drive, You Lose," and into equipment like breathalyzers and in-car cameras.

"It's a way for them to document evidence in the cases of impaired drivers, but they can use them for a lot of other purposes as well," says Zwonechek.

Sheriff Dale Radcliff says it's important equipment that keeps his nine deputies both accountable and safe.

"When we had this young man shoot at one of my officers, he had to shoot back - that was all on tape, so that helps that way and lets the county attorney or defense attorneys kind of know this is what happened out there," says Radcliff.

Zwonechek says Nebraska has been earning the federal funds for the last two decades.

Radcliff says that budgets everywhere are tight, so they appreciate being able to get the financial help.

"These cameras get to be pretty expensive, and when you have a camera go out in a mid-year when you've not budgeted for that item, it really helps tremendously, helps these small departments, helps us anyway," he says.